Fitbit SimpleTimer Operations

(last update 2021-12-15 Version 4.4.22 - Version 5.4.22 [Versa 3 & Sense])     

Professional Timer

Main timer
Timer settings
Timer Settings

Quick Guide

Using the on screen buttons

  Use/Set a Timer 

  • Tap on the Minus symbol to choose Timer mode, turns green
  • The settings screen with the current duration will be shown.
  • To keep the shown duration, Tap on either or
  • Tap on one of the hours, minutes or seconds values, minutes is the default selection
  • To modify it, use the Up /Down arrows [max < 1 day]
  • Tap Up/Down arrows [single press] for setting the countdown timer, +/- 1 units
  • Tip: Press and hold for continuous rolling of the units
  • To save the new duration and return to the timer, Tap on
  • To cancel, keeping the original duration and return to the timer, Tap on

  • Save/Recall a saved Timer new

  • The purpose of the 4 saved timers is to allow quick selection for frequently used timers. 
  • After establishing a new timer, click on one of the 4 timer slots to Save it for future use.
  • If current timer has not been changed, Recall a saved timer by clicking on it.
  • If the current timer is modified, the highlighted timer will be updated on Save-Exit from settings.
  • To Unselect a timer, click on it twice
  • Unselecting a timer will allow changes to be made to the current timer only,
  •  without it changing the saved one on exit.
  • To Clear a timer, set the main timer to 00:00:00 and click on the saved timer.

  • Stopping end Timer alert new

  • Tap briefly the flashing main counter or
  • Tap on any of Stop, Pause Play symbols.

  Use Stopwatch

  • Tap on the Plus symbol to choose Stopwatch mode, turns blue
  • This initialises the counter to Zero

Use Alarms

  • Long press on the main counter will bring up Alarms


  • The Play button starts the timer counting
  • The Pause button suspends counting
  • The Stop button resets the counter, to zero for Stopwatch, to the duration for the Timer
  • To Quick close the Timer, double Tap on the central counter [in any state of counting]
  • To close the Timer and see the About screen, Tap on [the close button]
  • If the Timer is inactive for a certain time it will auto close,
  • to stop auto close wake the display often, by a raise arm or left button press
  • It will not auto close during counting

Using the scrolling

  • Swipe the counter up to engage count up [Stopwatch]
  • Swipe the counter down to engage count down [Timer]
  •  Double tap the counter to quick close the App
the mode the counter is in will be remembered.

Using the watch buttons

  • For 3 button watches [where available]
    • Top right button - Stop/Reset
    • Bottom right button - Start/Pause
    • Left button - Start/Pause
    • Long press Left button - quick exit [if supported/available]
  • For 1 button watches [where available]
    • Left button - Start/Pause
    • Long press Left button - quick exit [if supported/available]
  • The left button can be used to wake the screen if it's blank


  • The selected Timer duration is remembered between sessions.
  • Background mode is possible for both the Stopwatch and Timer,
  • and is when the App is closed while counting.
  • The Timer end Alarm is not yet supported in Background mode in Standalone mode
  • In Addon mode to SimpleClockPro background mode is fully supported.
  • Once the countdown reaches zero the alarm alerts and its reset to the initial duration

  • symbol = Repeat, when the timer reaches 0, it signals the end and starts counting again, if this is green
  •   symbol = Stay On, if this is green the display will not blank, whilst counting,
  • it can be changed at any time to balance between battery saving and needed information
  • symbol = Auto start,
  • if this is green, counting will start immediately on open
  • if this is red and counting was stopped / reset before last exit, it will display that value
  • counting will always continue in background [if it was counting on exit]
  • Tap on any of the 5 symbols to switch modes.
  • Only essential symbols are shown during counting


Watch integration

  • SimpleTimer must be installed separately on the watch to be used as an Addon for SimpleClockPro see:
  •  Once installed, SimpleTimer can be started directly from the clock face by Taping on Seconds
  • If SimpleTimer is counting when put into background mode
    • Seconds will be green if it's in countdown timer mode
    • Seconds will be blue if it's in stopwatch mode
    • Seconds will be white if SimpleTimer has been paused/reset
Standalone mode
  • SimpleTimer can also be installed as a standalone App, in this case,
  • Tip: For Sense and Versa 3 watches, use the watch Settings to assign SimpleTimer
  •  to the watch long press short-cut for easy starting.
  • For All watches, SimpleTimer launch icon can also be moved to the first Apps screen on the watch.
  • Warning: The Versa 3 & Sense system swipe right function improperly exits the SimpleTimer app.

Timer releases (V4 - Ionic & Versa's, V5 - Sense, Versa 3)

Vx.4.21 - 2021-12-15

  • Ability to save 4  timers and 1 working timer

Vx.4.12 - 2021-12-10

  • Improved settings increment/decrement buttons

Vx.4.11 - 2021-10-19

  • Improved settings screen functionality

Vx.4.10 - 2021-09-15

  • Improved count down timer set up for greater readability
  • Extended count down timer longer than 99 minutes and less than a day

Vx.4.05 - 2021-08-31

  • Added access to Alarms
  • Added stronger vibrate and flashing at timer end, requiring cancellation, else stays on

Vx.3.09 - 2021-08-03

  • Added smart scrolling for setting of countdown timer

Vx.3.08 - 2021-07-26

  • Full integration with SimpleClockPro, as an Addon- for Versa 2 or later models
  • SimpleClockPro Seconds shows state of the SimpleTimer
  • Standalone background protection warning added

Vx.2.07 - 2021-07-04

  • Add double tap of counter to exit app
  • Fix Auto start

Vx.2.05 - 2021-07-03

  • Add watch button support
  • Add scrolling and swipe
  • Add run in background [for long periods]
  • Background Timer Alarm not yet supported.
  • Improved accuracy
Vx.1.14 - 2021-06-29
  • Display can blank and App can close when not counting

Vx.1.13 - 2021-06-28

  • Initial release