IQ Combiner Envoy metered

Envoy-S metered readings

{Using Current Transformers}

(Latest update 2023-06-03)

Warning: Don't change to a Token based Envoy, also
make sure your system doesn't allow the automatic update

                       Envoy-S             combinerbox


 Windows tool for real time
Home Automation and processing
home owners
New:  Android App for real time
Appliance and Energy monitoring for home owners
or Quick Installation checking for installers

CT meters

(Click image for details and download)

With this tool you can keep a permanent eye on
production and usage

It can be the source for or of information for
operating your devices

Real time CT Meters

CT Meters and Counters

(Click image for details and download)

With the Android App you can monitor in real time
the affects of turning on/off devices

You can see the load each device draws
You can see on which phase it's connected to

You can immediately check the usage counters

Installers can quickly check installation is working

Various Envoy functions

<ip> Your local Envoy-S ip address

Home page - gives Serial number of Envoy in title [slow to load]
- plus overview in html format
returns meter values in JSON format
http://<ip>/production.json?details=1 returns meter values in JSON format
including phase data [slower to load]
returns overall watts now in JSON format open
http://<ip>/info.xml software versions in XML format
Non stoppable stream of activity
Complete inventory in JSON format Login 2
Complete inverter information in JSON format
Login 1     
Old Envoy home
Inverter data
Login 2
Build and Network info [slow to load]
Main installer page
Login 2
http://envoy:9094/ivp/api.html ?

Login 3
Login 1
Username: envoy
Password: last 6 digits of serial number, found on the bottom of the device or home page

Login 2    
Username: installer
Password: installer password

Login 3
System username and password

Alternate login 1 method

Which CTs are installed

Instant CT [Current Transformer] meter readings
very good and consistent response time, < 100 ms]
CT Meters

Settings view has possibility to write output to a file, specify the file name and location and click the tick box
CT Meters
Double Click the Envoy IP Address to resize the window to the small width
or right click title bar

Double click Grid value to include / hide the Phase information
or right click title bar
CT meters

For older non Token based systems, Enphase don't support access for automation on latest versions

Download Windows CTMeters.exe tool
Download Windows tool

(2021-05-17 Version 2.5.1)

If the Windows PC can be accessed by remote desktop,
 either over the local network or via VPN,
any mobile phone with Microsoft Remote Desktop can be used to view the information
Instructions for use:

Make a shortcut to the program and add the IP address of your Envoy as a parameter

(if you don't know it use Fing from the Play Store to find it
or a windows network scanner )

When you run it it will give you the option to tick "write to file" and enter the filename
If you change the the delay time, click in another field so that the new delay is registered
You can stop and start the process with the buttons

Note: it's best to put the output file on an SSD drive as its written frequently

If the primary CTs measure Solar Production and the secondary CTs measure Consumption
rename the program to CTMetersB.exe and make the shortcut to that.

Right click the Title bar to:

Show / Hide Settings information
Show / Hide phases information
Toggle, Always On Top, On / Off

Program loads in same size, position and state as when it was last closed.

Download Windows JSON.exe Converter tool
Download Windows Converter tool
Tool to convert JSON strings into more readable format
Paste in the string to get teh result

Home Automation, and solar self sufficiency
By reading the file generated by this program and
using calls to Shelly, or Sonoff, or myStrom switching devices
It's possible to turn on/off equipment depending on the produced solar energy
see sample open source program

For older non Token based systems, Enphase don't support access for automation on latest versions

Download Android App 2.9 - tool

(2021-12-01 - Version 2.9, for most recent Android 8+ phones)

Download Android App 2.91 - tool

(2022-04-13 - Version 2.91, for most recent Android 8+ phones, supports VPN access)


Unzip the APK to a phone directory and install it - ignore warnings

Launch the App, Enter the IP address of your Envoy
(if you don't know it use Fing from the Play Store to find it)
and how frequently it should check; 3000 ms is probably reasonable

Press Start to save the Settings and view the various items
Press Stop to end the reading

It is important to close it or stop it before switching to another app on the phone

Phone must be on the Envoy network [internal or AP] to work

For Installers:
Put the Envoy in AP mode, connect the phone to the Envoy AP Wifi
Switch from Envoy IP to AP and press Start to instantly see the results

The App Settings switch will enable viewing the Envoy counters
Press on Meters to see number of active panels and usage counter readings

The screen will remain on while the app is in use  for easy monitoring.

Note; App requires storage permission to save its settings

App shows

Solar production
House consumption
How much is being imported [orange] / exported [green]                             

Up to 3 phases for both Solar, and Grid with details

Time of last reading
Settings for Envoy IP address and delay between readings

The rotating circle indicates its running,
the number inside is incremented for each request
and resets to 1 after 99.

Scrollable raw data from the Envoy

Toggle the App Settings switch brings up the button
to read the Envoy counters for Lifetime and Today.

 Video of solar searcher
which follows the sun's
Azimuth and Elevation