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a free open source tool to help with Fitbit Studio navigation

(latest update 2021-05-18)

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Product Simple Excel macro to help explore your code
A great way to navigate your routines and even standardise your coding
Intended as a side aid for Fitbit Studio, also applicable for other compatible source code.
Macros are user modifiable, so can be adapted for your style
Enables function finding in Fitbit Studio by using ALT-G without losing current Studio search criteria.

New nested functions are highlighted in different colours and bracket matching is indicated to aid in finding a missing bracket.
What it does
By pasting your source into Excel, the macro analyses the code and indexes the routines

Comment blocks are hidden automatically.

You can locate the routines by quick search.

Found routines are highlighted and row corresponds with the line number in the original source

A separate table is made sorted by routine which can be printed - shows source's the line number.

Updates are simple,
copy all the text from the original source, click on the toolbar link in Excel and the analysis is updated.

Open the spreadsheet
Click enable macros
Ebable macros
How to save the source and index
Floating toolbar
How to save the source and index
How to save the source and index
later excel version - in Addins
How to save the source and index2
Getting ready
Getting ready
How to use How to use
Populated view
Select an entry in explorer view
Click on any entry in Project Explorer Routines
Start search
Start search
Search result found

Result found, from selection or search
When the result is found the corresponding source line number is put on the clipboard
In your original source [Fitbit Studio press ALT-G and Ctrl-V and enter] to jump to that location.
* Good idea to make a note of the original line number in order to be able to jump back.
Available Tabs for
Pasted source code and generated index
Index tab
Printable reference

Download the tool (latest update 2021-05-18) Download Javascript Project code Explorer