Fitbit SimpleAlarms Operations

(last update 2023-03-20 Version Vx.7.15)   

Development suspended - contact developer if interested.

Special features

  • Setup new alarms, by a chosen default time
  • up to 16 alarms
  • each alarm can be labeled
  • repeat alarms after any number of hours
  • repeat alarms on a daily basis
  • repeat alarms on a weekly basis
  • time exclusion range for repeat alarms
  • alarms starting on a specific day
  • alarms can be set up, either on watch or phone
  • phone alarms show more options
  • alarms appear in order of alert time

Professional Multi Alarms

This watch app has an alarm list view and selected alarm / settings view.


1. scrollable list view of alarms
  with selection or add new alarm


2. Main view and Settings access

Quick Guide

Managing Alarms (Watch app)

On starting the app for the first time an alarm is automatically created.

To add another alarm, tap on the in list view, it will appear at the top.
A new alarm will be in 5 minutes from now

This global default time can be adjusted in the phone app settings.

To modify the settings of an alarm, tap on the list view alarm time.

The main setting screen shows the chosen alarm.
Tap on the 
to make detailed time changes.

ny weekdays chosen will be shown and can be modified.

To delete the shown alarm tap on the

Managing Alarms (Phone app)

To use the phone app SimpleAlarms must be running on the watch.

  • Open the Fitbit App, go to the Gallery tile
  •  Scroll to the SimpleAlarms app
  • Select Settings

The full range of settings for any selected alarm on the watch can be made here.

In addition

  • the selected alarm can be deleted  
  • new alarms can be created.
  • the option to choose the default time for a new alarm can be adjusted in Settings.

Watch integration

  • SimpleAlarms must be installed separately on the watch to be used as an Addon for SimpleClockPro see:
  •  Once installed, SimpleAlarms can be started directly from the clock face by double tapping on Minutes.
  • This enables both viewing and setting or adjusting alarms.

In addition when exiting SimpleAlarms,
will show the state of any alarms as follows:


Pending alarms

All alarms

No alarms


  • The advantage of running SimpleAlarms as an addon to SimpleClockPro is it can be called directly from the watch face, and
  • if either the app or the clock face are running the Alarm alert will occur.

  • For short periods SimpleAlarms can also be installed as a standalone App, however Fitbit don't allow access to system alerts unless the app is running.

If the app is closed the alarm alert won't occur.

  • Tip: For Sense and Versa 3 watches, use the watch Settings to assign SimpleAlarms
  •  to the watch long press short-cut for easy starting.

  • For All watches, SimpleAlarms launch icon can also be moved to the first Apps screen on the watch for quick access.

Rules & limitations

  • There must be one alarm present, if not needed it can be turned off.
  • This means that the only alarm cannot be deleted and can only be turned off.
active indicates the alarm is active
inactive indicates the alarm is not active

The alarm state can be changed in either main or list view on the watch or
in the settings view on the phone.

If days of the week are selected the can be viewed or changed on the watch or phone.

There can be a maximum of 16 alarms.

Some specific scheduling and options can only be done from the phone.
First select the alarm to be modified on the watch and then make the changes on the phone.

All alarm times use 24 hr clock but if 12 hr mode is selected, am/pm show in the watch app.

If an invalid date or time is entered on the phone it will be replaced with the format to be used until a correct entry is made.

Any alarms with incorrect input will be disabled automatically.

Feature table

Watch Phone  
See Alarm
Create alarm
Delete alarm y y
Modify alarm time y y
 Modify alarm date
 Modify alarm label
Modify week days y
Modify repeat times
alert type/duration
snooze type/duration
Exclusion times
n y
Global settings

SimpleAlarms releases (V4 - Ionic & Versa's, V5 - Sense, Versa 3)

Vx.7.15 - 2023 - tba [contact developer]

Initial release