Fitbit SimpleSecretary Operations

(last update 2023-04-03 Version 5.1.16 [Versa 3 & Sense])     

Full date and time with stats

12 hr

Quick Guide

Configuring Digital mode
  • 12/24 hr mode - to change format,
select the desired time mode
Submit and sync
Or in the Fitbit App, App settings  

  • 2 different date formats can be seen based on country
select the desired "language by region/country"
Submit and sync
Or in the Fitbit App, App settings, Location

One format if country is US
another format for other countries

  • There are four stats shown, with 3 fixed stats and one configurable
  • The 3 fixed stats:
Heart rate [red]
Battery [green, or low warning orange or red]
Steps [cyan]

  • The top right stats is configurable [by default is Floors]

Double tap top right value - it will flash
While flashing each tap will advance to the next value of the following items:

Floors [yellow]
Calories [turquoise]
Distance [orange]
Active Zone minutes [pink]

Additional language support

German - mehrsprachige deutsche Kurzdaten
Spanish - fechas abreviadas multilingües en español
French - dates multilingues français abrégées
Italian - italiano multilingue date abbreviate
Dutch - meertalige Nederlandse verkorte data
Norway - flerspråklige norske forkortede datoer
Swedish - flerspråkiga svenska förkortade datum

Switching to Analog mode

Tap on the Hour to see an Analog view and
any configured top right value will appear there too

Dual display mode Analog face with with Digital stats

Long look mode
battery save
Quick look mode

Dual Analog mode

  • Quick look, just see the Time initially for simple time checking, followed by
  • Long look, which shows Time and live stats of
  • Heart rate, Steps, Battery and Floors
  • Rewake [touch screen] within 3 seconds, the previous look is retained

Configuring Dual Analog mode

  • Double tap heart rate to toggle whether display behaves with only Long look on watch wake or with Dual mode.

Restart & Version

    To see the version briefly

  • Switch to the Digital view [tap on the Analog background]
  • Restart the clock face, swipe the watch face to the left and click on Settings, then press the button
  • Each time the clock face starts with the Digital view it will briefly show the version and language

SimpleSecretary releases (V5 - Sense, Versa 3)

V5.1.16 -

    • Initial release