Julian (current version V1.06, March 2000)

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Calculates Julian and date information. The algorithms used by this
program were derived from the HP67 calculator standard pack
program for calculating Julian days and have been adapted for use
on the Psion.

Julian dates

Date information is valid from 19000301 till 21000228 but as these
years are not leap years the week and day values will not be
correct so input is limited to 1901 to 2099. The program allows
input of valid and some invalid dates and converts the values to
the nearest real date and evaluates the difference between entered
dates and today. EG. 20000231 will be allowed but converts to the
real date 20000302.


Week 1 is calculated as starting from the first Monday of the year.
This means week 00 is sometimes known as week 53 of the
previous year. Some years only have 52 weeks and some have 53.


The three digit day is calculated with one representing January 1st.
Day 060 is March 1st for non leap years and February 29th for leap


for Series5/5mx/MC218/Geofox/Revo/Revo+/Series7/netBook