TI Programmer [circa 1977]


DescriptionAndroid TI Programmer simulator

Features - similar to TI Programmer with additions
  • Binary mode [within display mode]
  • Ticker tape [click on TI logo to toggle display]
  • Calculations items and mode in the display
  • Auto decimal places
  • parentheses not implemented yet

Working version for demonstration purposes

Binary mode selection
[from Hex]
Binary selection
Binary display - flag(!)
Octal display - flag (')
Decimal display - no flag
Hexadecimal display - flag (")
Ticker tape display

In red window
32.0 is first operand
6.0 is second operand
= is last operation
38 is the result
Ticker tape
Auto precision for integers
Or when converting from other bases
then no decimal places are displayed
Decimals are displayed when present
Downloads Download Android APK (bin)
change the extension from bin to apk to install it, or

Download Android APK (zip)
Demo version 1.0

Download Texas Instruments TI-Programmer manual