Fitbit Card Image Operations

(last update 2023-01-03 Version 4.2.08 - Version 5.2.08 [Versa 3 & Sense])     

Store scannable Images or photos on the watch

See this Guide for preparing your precision images to load
or simply use images directly from the phone

Guide to creating your precision card images

The see how to operate the App to load images to your watch.

 Verify the watch is syncing with the Fitbit App before starting

Be patient to allow loading of files

CardImage App on the watch


Swipe main clock face to the left, click on this app.

Start up Screen when the app opens on the watch
for the first time

This app can also be assigned to shortcut presses on some watches or relocated on the first app screen
CardImage in the Gallery tile
on the phone Fitbit App


Open the Fitbit App and check it is syncing with the watch,
Click profile photo,
Click  device photo
Click Gallery tile
Click this App & Settings
Settings is used to transfer Images and photos

Example QR code


Example Bar code


Quick Guide

Watch Navigation

  • Launch the App on your watch

1. when there are no files on your watch yet

  • Open the Phone this App Settings [see below] and add Images

2. when there are files on your watch

  • Swipe watch to the right to see previous Image
  • Swipe watch to the left, or Tap the display, to see next Image
  • Long press to see a list of Image names [in loaded order]
  • Swipe face up or down to scroll the full list of names
  • In Long press mode, a second Long press will show detailed data
  • about the files stored on the watch [not in any order]
  • To exit either Long press mode, tap the display once.
  • Recovery: If you get the initial display inadvertently,
  • Long press to recover the list of Swipe watch to the right to see previous Images
  • unless there are no stored files
  • then tap once to resume normal navigation
  • Double tap the face any time or push the watch back button to Exit the App

Phone navigation
[after opening the App settings in the Gallery tile] and App on the watch

  • There are four sections to managing the watch App
  1.  The name of an Image to load
  2. A picker to chose the Image to load
  3. The name of an Image to delete
  4. The settings for the App on the watch
There are 3 configurable settings for the watch App at the bottom
  1. Whether to have max brightness to help with scanning bar codes, QR codes
  2. How long the display stays on before auto blanking [to help with scanning]
  3. Whether the current time * should show in front of the Image

* It is a good idea to set the timeout to the minimum if showing time.

  • Tips: You can't load an Image without entering a name for it first.
  • You can't delete an Image without giving a name to delete
  • Only Alpha Numeric names are allowed [unwanted characters will be removed]
  • The name of the last loaded Image is shown
  • You can replace or delete an Image [see next section]

Modes of operation

Add an Image

  • On your phone, enter a name for the Image and click Save
  • the following screen will appear on the watch to indicate the transfer
  • process is started, in this example the image name used was "New Image"


  • On your phone, click on the picker and choose an Image*
  • If the Image is big you can adjust it in the capture window
  • then click Done or Cancel

* If you haven't given the the Fitbit App access to photos it will prompt you for it

  • The name and then the image will appear on the watch

Replace an Image

  • Enter the same name as the one to replace and then Add the Image [as above]
  • Restart the watch App to see the new Image

Delete an Image
  • Enter the name of the Image you want to delete in that section and click Save
  • By clicking Save, it tells the App to Delete the file, if it is an existing name
  • If the name doesn't exist it does nothing

What the App can do

  • Leave your membership or Fidelity cards, with barcodes or QR codes,
  • at home and lighten your wallet, purse or phone holder.

    • Take photos of anything you need to access regularly, or even infrequently,
      Store them on your watch in the App for quick easy access and for proof,
      or best for use with scanning equipment.

      • Store cards
      • Discount cards
      • Membership card
      • Loyalty cards
      • Emergency cards
      • travel documents,
      • Flight details
      • maps,
      • insurance cards,
      • shopping lists,
      • screenshots of data
      • screenshots of important numbers
      • screenshots of contact details or addresses
      • Photos, etc.
      • anything, but chip or magnetic swipe cards or
      • financial data or privacy data.

      For best best results. crop Images to your watch size and save with a good short name in a separate Album on your phone - that way you have a record of what has been loaded on the watch as backup.
  • Sense, Versa 3 -  336 x 336
  • Other Versas - 300 x 300
  • Ionic - 348 x 250
    • No problem - The app will crop them if you haven't.

      To remove all the images from your watch, uninstall the app.

      App settings for the watch can be adjusted from the phone, and optionally the time can be shown.


    • Only Alpha, numeric and _ can be used for names, any other characters are removed
    • Images are stored in the order loaded which helps keep certain ones sequential
    • The available space on the watch limits the number of items that can be saved
    • If you uninstall/reinstall the watch App all Images will be lost from the watch App
    • If the watch if Factory Rest all Images will be lost from the watch App
    • If the watch has a firmware update all Images may be lost from the watch App

    Other features

    • Status bar is shown briefly at the top in yellow to verify settings and version
    • Image name displays briefly before Image is shown
      Last Image displayed is remembered.
    • The app will close automatically except if time is shown

    Special tips

    • Do good planning, especially if you want pairs of Images or for the order of them
    • Organise your Images in a separate Album on the phone first
    •  This will be both the backup in case you lose the App from the watch
     [with a Factory reset or other watch operations]
    And will make it easier to find and load, or reload Images

    And can be a quick overview of what should be on the watch
    • When taking pictures of any credit card sized cards, make a square template,
    • which is is the same size as watch height and width
    • This will make it easier to size them to fit your watch

    Guide to creating your precision card images

    CardImage releases (V4 - Ionic & Versa's, V5 - Sense, Versa 3)

    Vx.2.08 - 2023-01-03

    • Screen touch sensitivity greatly improved

    Vx.2.07 - 2022-10-03

    • Initial release

    Vx.1.15 - 2022-08-12

    • Initial release