Fitbit SimpleCheckUp Operations

(last update 2022-05-12 Version 4.2.12 - Version 5.2.12 [Versa 3 & Sense])     

Checking your watch

Possible problems

Quick Guide

Really smart app to allow you to be aware of your connection status
directly from the watch without needing to check things from your phone.
Great for understanding issues if things aren't working properly.

Using the App, to check Sync

  • The latest information appears at start up, which shows
  • Watch model and colour
  • Firmware version and current, language
  • Last sync time
  • Current time zone UTC
  • A green tick indicates things are working well
  • A red cross indicates there may be problems with syncing, as not recently synced
  • The battery level is:            
    •  green when ok,                   
    • orange when getting low,    
    • red, it really needs charging

If your watch has synced recently it only means that the connection with the phone is working reasonably well.

If it hasn't synced recently it only indicates there could be a problem, not that there is one.

To get the real-time state of the connection it is necessary to check the state with the connection test.

  • By scrolling left, or clicking Next, you reach this Connection test [second test]

Using the App, to check your connection


  • Tap to start the Connection test, if successful your watch is connecting well to the phone.
  • If it fails, there are several options proposed on screen, also
  • Once the cause for the connection issue has been resolved you will need to close and restart this App
in order to verify that the issues has in fact been resolved

Explanation for connection testing

When this App starts it sets up the phone for communications.
If the phone was not reachable it cannot do this, so the test will always fail.

Once the issue with the phone has been resolved it will be necessary to restart this App again to perform the checking. If the App is not restarted after a repair it will continue to fail.

What the Connection test tells you is if the phone is currently available for communications or not.
As it has a different, more informative view of the connection than the Fitbit App,
it can actually provide a more precise view of the connection situation.

  • By scrolling left, or clicking Next, you reach this Find My Phone check [second test]

Using the App, to find your phone


  • Tap to start the Find My Phone app, if loaded on your watch, and then follow the instructions.

Closing the App
  • Press Left button or tap on the or - to exit immediately
  • Several minutes of inactivity will auto exit


  • The sync test will auto refresh each minute, or if you tap on the main text, or
  • if you wake the screen when its blank
  • To blank the screen
    •  lower your wrist [with wrist motion enabled], or
    • wait for the screen timeout
  • To wake the screen
    • raise your wrist [with wrist motion enabled], or
    •  press the left button

Using the scrolling

  • On either of the two test screens it's possible to scroll left or right to reach the other.


  • Scrolling on Versa 3 and Sense is more of a swipe,
  • whilst on older watches it more of a touch, hold and move.

Great tip: For easy access on the watch

  • If you use this App often you can drag it to the first screen when you swipe your clock face to the left.
  • To do this, press and hold the App launch icon and drag it to the first of the Apps screens and release.
  • For Sense and Versa 3 it can be set to one of the 4 shortcuts when the button is double pressed.
  • To do this, go to Settings on the watch and configure it in Shortcuts.

CheckUp releases (V4 - Ionic & Versa's, V5 - Sense, Versa 3)

Vx.2.12 - 2022-05-12

  • Added watch language

Vx.2.11 - 2021-08-04

  • Added find phone feature
  • Improved layout
  • Improved scrolling between features
  • Added auto test for each test [saves manual click]

Vx.2.07 - 2021-07-29

  • Added Connection test
  • Added scrolling
  • Added tactile response to actions

Vx.1.10 - 2021-07-23

    • Added refresh by tapping
    • Added exit on the result button

    Vx.1.09 - 2021-07-19

    • Initial release