Fitbit SimpleClockPro Operations

(last update 2024-02-03  Version 4.5.24 - Version x.7.15 [Versa 2, Versa 3 & Sense] - Version 6.7.17  [Versa 4 & Sense 2])     

Professional Analog and Digital watch with simple switching & navigation


Shortcuts Guide

Full guides

Quick Guide (Analog mode)


  • To switch from Analog to Digital tap the watch centre [hand pivot point]
(To switch back from Digital to Analog tap on the Hour [Pro feature only])

Other features

  • Tapping on the 12 o'clock position toggles the mini embedded digital clock on/off
  • New: Tapping a second time toggles between mini digital clock or Weekday and date
  • Tapping on the mini embedded digital display in Analog mode toggles its position between top and bottom.
  •  Tapping on the 6 o'clock position switches between Classic Number & Roman numeral clock
  • Tapping on the 1 o'clock position adjust brightness between 40 & 100%, also Digital faces
  • The special night time mode [20:00 - 07:00] hand colours is configurable during those hours.

 Tapping on the right side black watch background has a special feature.
It controls the night time hand colours.
by switching back and forth between Analog and Digital multiple times
it enables/disables the night time hand colours

This feature is only active at night, during the day it behaves the same as tapping the centre hub
to switch between watch display modes.

Colour schemes

  • Tapping on the 9 o'clock position allows you to choose a colour for the watch face and hands

Each tap chooses a different colour of 24 possibilities
The number of the colour and its name
are shown in the mini information window
The default pale turquoise colour is number "12" AND
Digital Hours & Minutes follow the same colour as the Analog

Night time hand colours can only be configured On/Off at night .

More information

The mini information window is also used to convey reasons for alerts.
If Drink and Move reminders have been setup in the Digital view
When the alerts occur the reason is displayed in this window momentarily

Consult the Digital configuration features of SimpleClock with the link below:

Quick Guide (Digital mode)

Night working

  • Night Shift workers Reminders to move now possible
  •  To engage go to settings and set the End Move Hour to 23
  • then set the desired Start Hour
  • then set the desired End hour
  • To make later adjustments repeat the process, otherwise Start Hour before End Hour will be enabled.

Tip: A virtual new 'Day' starts from 6 hours after the End hour for night workers when
Data stored in Steps This Hour History will be reset for the new 24 hr cycle. Otherwise it is reset at midnight.

Day working

  • Data stored in Steps This Hour History will be reset for the new 24 hr cycle at midnight.

Addons Apps
[New from Vx.5.23 - must be installed separately]

  • Use the Addons feature to immediately display a Calendar, Calculator or Timer 
  • From the main view double tap Weekday, Active Zone Minutes or Seconds, respectively, .

Tip: Simple4Timer integrates with Seconds on SimpleClockPro in the following way:

  • Seconds will be blue if Simple4Timer is running in background stopwatch mode
    • Seconds will be green if Simple4Timer is running in background countdown mode
      • Seconds will be white if Simple4Timer is not running in background mode


  • Ability to extend display on time as long as you want [AlwaysOn],To engage, double tap on Step
 [the digital seconds : changes to a | ,
on the Analog face the indicator appears next to 12

Note: also the steps indicator if you reached 250 steps this hour and chime is on

  • To cancel, double tap on Steps again and brightness returns to 100%, or
  • swipe left and go to watch Settings or any app
  • returning to the watch disables it as it's disabled by default at clock face start
  • Auto dimming when in AlwaysOn mode
Tip: Of course, Auto Navigation is disabled when the AlwaysOn mode is engaged. Whatever mode or view is displayed that view will remain indefinitely. The display will not blank when the wrist is lowered either.

Tip: The AlwaysOn state will be cancelled automatically after 30 minutes in case it was accidentally started.
That period can be extended
any time, by stopping and immediately restarting AlwaysOn.

Tip: For Versa 3 and Sense watches you may notice an improved heart rate reading with AlwaysOn - it might help during exercise or when moving

WARNING: The use of this feature drains the battery very quickly and can shorten the battery life and screen life.
 It is recommended to be used for short periods only and at the lowest brightness possible.

A Watch Log "On" record shows when this feature's was used, to monitor it's impact on the battery.

Brightness [from Vx.5.10]

    •   Use Analog mode to see or adjust the current brightness setting,
    • Tap on the "1' position to see the current setting
    • Tap again to change the value by +10%
    • If it is at 100%, it switches to 40% [the minimum]
  • The logs are not dimmed for better readability
  • Brightness reverts to 100% when coming back from another watch function 

  • New Features [from Vx.6.02]

    •  Tap heart once to see Active Minutes in place of Active Zone Minutes
    • Tap Battery % to see the Torch/Flashlight icon
      • Tap the Torch icon to start the Torch/Flashlight display
      • Tap the Torch/Flashlight display to end Torch/Flashlight
      • [use sparingly to preserve the battery]
    • On the Settings screen the tap yellow Disturb to change to Disturb + to enable a longer alert
      • especially useful for Sense and Versa 3 watches
      • low battery alerts will get even longer alerts from < 17%

    New Features [from Vx.6.06]

    •  Tap Battery % to see Battery Autonomy which shows how many days your battery lasts
    • When you start a charge it calculates how long it lasted since the Last charge
    •  After a charge, it will take about an hour to start calculating the Autonomy Now which shows the range based on the current consumption and any usage since the charge finished.

    New Features [from Vx.6.09]

    •  Double tap Steps This Hour which will show the Steps This Hour History and tap Close
    • The Steps This Hour will change from white to pink with a minus sign, and vica versa.
    • When you tap once on Steps This Hour it shows Steps This Hour History, and
    • when you tap the title it changes whether it does counting up or down and the title changes colour
    • to show in which direction it is counting [default is to show how many done so far]

    • When Steps This Hour is in white it is showing steps done so far this hour, eg. 134
    • When Steps This Hour is in pink it is showing steps left till 250 hourly goal reached, eg. -116

    About Your Watch

    • Tap on Version on the settings view, it will display the Watch statistics log
    • Tap on the Watch statistics log title to see the About details which shows versions but also your watch model and the Time Zone that has been selected.
    •  You can use this information to verify you have the right Time settings in the Fitbit App.
    • You can also check the time your watch last synced and Time Zone

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