Chest Straps and watch band extensions

(last update 2023-12-20)


Why a chest strap, benefits?

  • Avoids accidental button actions, in normal use
  • If you have problem tattoos on your wrists
  • If you walk while
pushing a stroller or trolley, tread-milling or mowing.
  • For convenience or comfort on body (or upper arm).
  • Vibrations more easily detected
  • Possible greater accuracy for
Step count, Floors and Heart rate                  
  • If you have allergies (can avoid direct skin contact)
  • Greater protection from
knocks, splashes dust or excessive sunlight
  • Checking notifications can be an issue

What works when not on your wrist?

Nearly everything, depending on how well it sits
and whether you wear it over a white shirt.

Skin temperature may be more precise
(from being in constant body contact)

Step count and Heart rate can be more precise
without arm movements
(won't detect any arm movements as steps
less frictional movements to affect HR readings)

Sleep position monitoring possible on a Sense or Versa only

You may be able to find chest straps and
arm bands or larger bands online.

If not, for under $10 you can make them.
Follows the steps below:


Component parts and construction

  1. Raw elements
  2. Needs 2 adjuster, 2 clips, a length of band, maximum once around the chest
  3. Adjuster with teeth
  4. Pass the elastic through the adjuster
  5. Loop it round and through the clip
  6. Loop the remaining length back through the adjuster
  7. Repeat for the other end
  8. Attach to one end of the watch strap
  9. Attach to the other end of the watch strap
  10. Add insulating tape to the ends
  11. to stop pull through and it fraying
  12. Finished strap
  13. Optional special Sense watch strap * which is hinged and allows a closer fit to the body - for best results buy two complete straps and use only the 2 straps without the fastening hole. 
          * Will fit a Versa (1) or Sense (1)
     ( only for  long time use as Ch
est Strap can be use with most watches and wrist bands without removing them - for easy to remove from wrist and transfer to the chest strap and back.
Taking care of things in constant contact with the skin is important.

Remember to check the battery level and keep charged for good results.

Covering with your hand blanks the display without the 3 seconds touch rewake feature enabled.

Parts (Click images)

2 meters 15mm Spandex Ribbon
20pcs 15mm Plastic Tri-Glides Slider Adjustable Buckles
30 Pcs 15mm Metal Suspender Clips
Universal silicone Strap for
Fitbit Versa 1, 2, 3, 4 / Sense 1, 2

How they work

Your watch can quickly be moved from wrist or arm mode to chest mode.
Just attach the chest strap directly to the watch band - hey presto.
Unfasten the chest strap from the watch band to move it to your wrist

Compatible Clock faces and Apps

Fitbit SimpleSports

For Versa 1,2,3,4, Sense 1,2



 Larger display clock face
for basic sports usage
contains multiple views
for general usage 
with rotatable face to suit chosen wearing position

Fitbit SimpleSleep

For Versa 1 & Sense 1 only



Rotated App face for use with Cheststrap only
used for sleep position monitoring,
Snore and Apnea detection

Not suitable for sleeping on your front


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