Fitbit SimpleSports Operations

(last update 2024-02-21 Version x.1.26 [all smart watches except Ionic])     

This is the primary clock face with large display big heart rate numbers,
intended for
every day use or as a quick monitor when exercising*.

* The Fitbit App may still register the exercise without having to start one
some adjustment may be necessary as to the type of exercise

Intended primarily for use with a Chest strap or Arm band
but can be unrotated for use on the wrist too

Main  View



Double tap the clock face to change rotation
(other views follow the same rotation)

Single tap to select secondary views



Which shows, in row order:

Battery, distance Calories
Heart Rate

Why a chest strap, benefits?

  • Avoids accidental button actions, in normal use
  • If you have problem tattoos on your wrists
  • If you walk while
pushing a stroller or trolley, tread-milling or mowing.
  • For convenience or comfort on body (or upper arm).
  • Vibrations more easily detected
  • Possible greater accuracy for
Step count, Floors and Heart rate            
   configure for non dominant hand              
  • If you have allergies (can avoid direct skin contact)
  • Greater protection from
knocks, splashes dust or excessive sunlight
  • Checking notifications can be an issue

What works when not on your wrist?

Nearly everything, depending on how well it sits
and whether you wear it over a white shirt.

Skin temperature may be more precise
(from being in constant body contact)

Step count and Heart rate can be more precise
without arm movements
( won't detect any arm movements as steps
less frictional movements to affect HR readings)

You may be able to find chest straps and
arm bands or larger bands online.

If not, for under $10 you can make them.
Follows this link
making a chest strap, arm band or strap extender

Secondary views

Tap Digital Minutes to select Main Sports view
Sports view face to select Digital view

Tap Digital Hours to select Analog view
Tap Analog background to select Digital view

Double tap Sports view to change all view rotations


Digital view

Analog view

Analog view
with delayed stats

Wearing Guide

Select the wearing position, wrist (unrotated),
arm (with armband, rotated or unrotated)
or chest with chest strap (rotated).

Don't forget to keep an eye on battery level,
especially if wearing under clothing.

Using a chest strap it is not necessary to wear under a shirt,
 to make it more easily accessible

Note: Covering the watch with your hand turns off the display.
The 3 seconds touch rewake is disabled.

Wrist wake can be disabled and use button push for best results.

Configuring Digital mode

12 hr

  • 12/24 hr mode - to change format,
Use App Settings in the Fitbit app or

  • 2 different date formats can be seen based on country
Use App Settings in the Fitbit app or

Both these settings can be made if you

select the desired time mode

select the desired "language by region/country"
Submit and sync   

One format if country is US
another format for other countries

  • There are four stats shown, with 3 fixed stats and one configurable
  • The 3 fixed stats:
Heart rate [red]
Battery [green, or low warning orange or red]
Steps [cyan]

  • The top right stats is configurable [by default it is Floors]

Double tap top right value on the Digital view - it will flash
While flashing each tap will advance to the next value of the following items:

Floors [yellow]
Calories [turquoise]
Distance [orange]
Active Zone minutes [pink]

Additional language support

German - mehrsprachige deutsche Kurzdaten
Spanish - fechas abreviadas multilingües en español
French - dates multilingues français abrégées
Italian - italiano multilingue date abbreviate
Dutch - meertalige Nederlandse verkorte data
Norway - flerspråklige norske forkortede datoer
Swedish - flerspråkiga svenska förkortade datum

Restart & Version

To see the version & language briefly
  • Each time the clock face starts with the Digital view it will briefly show the version and language 
this doesn't apply when the screen blanks and wakes

SimpleSports releases
(V4 - Versa's, V5 - Versa 3, Sense, V6 - Versa 4 & Sense 2)

Vx.1.26 - 2024-01-24

  • Added better switching support for Miles/Kms
  • Added Porrtuguese

Vx.1.25 - 2024-01-03

  • Improved date display in Digital view
  • Improved switching views
  • Improved performance and battery level

Vx.1.24 - 2023-12-08

  • Initial release