Fitbit Simple4Timer Operations

(last update 2023-01-03 Version Vx.6.23)    

Special features

  • Up to 4 timers running
  • Each timer can be named
  • Last timers remembered
  • 4 configurable presets
  • Repeat, with optional auto cancel
  • Auto start and Auto restart
  • Switchable display On while timing
  • Left button start/pause
  • Different Alerting
  • Each timer has it's own settings

Professional Multi Timer

This app behaves the same as 4 SimpleTimer apps in one.

Main timer

1. Active Timer Selection overview,
with selection
Timer settings

2. Main Timer with timer description
initial time, used to switch timers


3. Settings and Alert Options

alert settings

4. Alert settings

The SimpleTimer documentation explains how to set timers and operate them.

This documentation only describes the main differences which are.

1. The Active Timer selection, showing up to 4 concurrent running timers and option to select one or Start / Pause one

2. The Main Timer control window, showing which timer is selected and it's initial value, used also for reaching the Active Timer selection
and setting up timers

3. The Timer Setting screen with the extra vibration  Alert options

4. The selectable Alert Settings.

5. Each timer can optionally have it's own description

6. Up/down swipe can optionally be disabled

7. The time can be made to flash when alerting, in case the vibration is too weak

8. The number of other timers running is shown in the
Main Timer control window

9. See full screen schematics

Quick Guide

Manage Active Timer Selection, (1) + (2)

Each timer has two parts,
a) Click on any Time to select it and switch to the Main Timer screen (2)
b) Click on a coloured action button, to the left, to Start or Pause a timer

Stopping/resetting can only be done from the Main Timer screen,
where by, clicking on the button it can be setup, see next step

The screen will stay on only if at least one of the running timers has that option.

To fix on:
Click one of the running timers, to return to the
Main Timer screen,
make sure S is on, then return to the Active Timer Selection

To fix off:
Click one of the running timers, to return to the
Main Timer screen,
make sure S is off, return to the
Active Timer Selection
repeat for each of the running timers

Setting up a timer and it's attributes, (3) + (4)

Each of the 4 timers can have their own attributes as described in the 
SimpleTimer documentation for a single timer.
Simple4Timer has Alert Options in addition which can be set separately for each timer

 Click Alert Options and select the red options to enable them
and then X  top right to return

Manage the Main Timer screen, (2)

This screen has a square inset which shows which timer is currently showing
in the display, and it's initial starting duration

By clicking on the square it switches to the Active Timer Selection screen to
enable switching between timers for setup and control
 pulling down the main counter will also switch to the Active Timer Selection

5 seconds before a timer expires the Main Timer screen will show.

When the timer expires, the original duration will flash and the watch will vibrate

Tip:  Swiping up the main counter takes you to the Stopwatch mode
Stopwatch mode stops all active timers
This can be used as a quick reset of all timers

    Stopping end Timer alert

Tap briefly the flashing main counter or
Tap on any of Stop, Pause Play symbols or
any other functions, or
Double tap the big flashing main counter to silence and Exit the app

    Adding a description for the timer (5) new

Start the
Simple4Timer on the watch

In the Fitbit App, Click Profile photo, Click Device photo


Click Gallery [or Apps] tile [your device tab, at the top, will be selected]


Scroll down to the Simple4Timer App


Click on Simple4Timer and then Settings
add/delete/modify the description for your timer.

timer description
    Changes to the timer descriptions will appear in the Simple4Timer App on the watch 
immediately if the watch is currently connecting
At the next start when the watch is reachable
If you only use one timer then you only need provide one description
for Timer 1 (the default), if you wish

The little tick in the bottom left hand corner of
the Active Timer Selection screen indicates it's connected to the phone

Option to turn off up/down swipe to prevent accidental actions.
Option to flash
the Main Timer when vibrating


  • The Timer durations, options and state are remembered between sessions.
  • Background mode is possible for both the Stopwatch and Timer,
and is when the App is closed while counting.
  • The Timer end Alarm is not yet supported in Background mode in Standalone mode
  • In Addon mode to SimpleClockPro background mode is fully supported.
  • Once the countdown reaches zero the alarm alerts and its reset to the initial duration
  • The advantage from running Simple4Timer as an addon to SimpleClockPro is it can be called directly from the watch face, see next section,

Watch integration

  • Simple4Timer must be installed separately on the watch to be used as an Addon for SimpleClockPro see:
  •  Once installed, Simple4Timer can be started directly from the clock face by double tapping on Seconds
  • If Simple4Timer is counting when put into background mode
    • Seconds will be green if it's in countdown timer mode
    • Seconds will be blue if it's in stopwatch mode
    • Seconds will be white if Simple4Timer has nothing running

Note: if both SimpleTimer and Simple4Timer are installed Simple4Timer will be used.

Standalone mode
  • Simple4Timer can also be installed as a standalone App, in this case,
  • Tip: For Sense and Versa 3 watches, use the watch Settings to assign Simple4Timer
  •  to the watch long press short-cut for easy starting.
  • For All watches, Simple4Timer launch icon can also be moved to the first Apps screen on the watch for quick access.

Rules & limitations

  • Selecting Stopwatch resets all timers
  • Active Timer Selection display will stay on only if one running timer needs it
  • Pausing or ending timers always switch to the Main Timer display
  • Timers of 5 seconds or less cannot be started
  • App cannot be exited with a running timer of 5 seconds or less

Feature table

Main Timer
Active Timer
Watch button

Start / Pause
Start / Pause selected timer
Main Timer

counter swipe up
Reset All timers and stopwatch
Main Timer
counter swipe down
Switch to Active Timer

Main Timer
Counter tap
 Stop alert
Main Timer
Counter double tap
Stop alert and
Exit App
Reset All timers and enter stopwatch mode
Show / adjust settings for current selected timer
Toggle display on/off
during timing or alert
Repeat when timer reaches the end
Automatic start
on open
Repeat with Automatic Alert cancel
Stop counter
Pause counter
selected only
switch to Main Timer
Start counting
selected only
Show About info
 and exit






Simple4Timer releases (V4 - Ionic & Versa's, V5 - Sense, Versa 3)

Vx.6.23 - 2022-11-14

Initial release